Danielle (lipsofpinkx) wrote in iabf,

Project Shout Part 2

As posted in Weird World

okay so as you know, about 200 people showed up for the TRL protest on september 15th. it went well. a handful of us got to go up to the studio and the rest were downstairs partyin it up for BSB!

i think that this could have been better but it didnt have the opportunity it could have because of the short notice.

so this is my idea:

appearently, the new video is going to be "i still". its going to be filmed in cali next week? i think. well that means that it will be about a month or longer until they actually HAVE IT ON TV.

so how about, instead of just picking a random day to be at TRL, like the 15th, we start organizing now, hit me up at fight4bsb@yahoo.com so that the day "i still" comes out we have 1,000 bsb fans out there. good idea or not? i know the protest didnt go as well as it could have, but CMON YALL we gotta show our BSB PRIDE!

if you have n e ideas post here, or hit me up at fight4bsb@yahoo.com

i really think that its up to us to give BSB the upperhand. MTV KNEW WE WERE THERE, now its just our job to let them know that we will not back down.

so what do you think? the day "i still" comes out 1,000 or more of us will be outside TRL chantin it up for bsb! KTBSPA!
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