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International Association of Backstreet Fans

Here We Stand Together and We're Millions Strong

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"We’ve been through days of thunder
Some people said we don’t belong
They try to pull us under
But here we stand together and we’re millions strong"

"We've been inside the circus
We took the pleasure with the pain
I guess there’s something about us
Whatever comes around we'll always stay the same"

This is a group where we, as BSB fans, can come together and unite to do what we can to give back to our boys some of what they have given to us. Recently, with problems w/ MTV and other places, we have successfully completed projects to try and end discrimination against our boys. Well, I created this group to be a home for all those projects. The goal is for this group to work almost like a news paper, filling fans in with the latest details of all our projects and efforts going on in order to have to get the best results possible!